The PolicyABCs website and its various social media projects (i.e., The Policy ThinkShop, numerous twitter accounts, Facebook, and so on) promote resources that can help everyone who chooses to be interested in public policy as students, advocates, leaders and concerned citizens in general, to better define and understand their ability to engage in the policy conversation in their local communities, in their educational pursuits and in their career.  Whether you’re interest in public policy is personal, private, public or business oriented, we are here to make the policy understanding, research, development, and implementation process as easy as “ABCs.”

Our sponsor: Albilal & Associates
cropped-Albilal-Associates-Trans-Logo.jpgPolicyABCs is a social media pro bono project of Albilal & Associates.  Albilal & Associates is a management, research and policy development firm.  We are dedicated to supporting non-profit firms, organizations and groups who are similarly dedicated to supporting the general wellbeing and progress of communities.  This progress  can be discussed, defined, and possibly measured, by specific social indicators producing a sustainable and equitable community quality of life for all members of a community.

As a pro bono project PolicyABCs does not accept monetary compensation and seeks to collaborate with like-minded entities pursing the general social good as determined collectively through democratic principles and fair-minded individuals.  We aim to grow through word of mouth and through our utility to our visitors to our website (, our blog (The PolicyThinkShop).  All of our projects are hosted here at our PolicyABCs domain.

Our public policy credo:

Public Policy is social agreement written down as a universal guide for social action. We at The Policy ThinkShop share information so others can think and act in the best possible understanding of “The Public Interest.”

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