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We at Policyabcs make every effort to provide you with unlimited information from sources that are researched and factual.  We also provide you with analysis and perspective on key current topics, but we make it very clear that those are opinion and analysis derived from those facts but separate from them.  In fact, we differentiate ourselves from other news and information sharing sources by making it clear that we are not edited or controlled by profit seeking or political party promoting entities.  We try to share public sector, public domain, and not-for profit (philanthropic) supported reports and news in order to support your healthy curiosity, your decision making processes, and your need to feel informed and in control in a world increasingly competitive and increasingly less private.


The PolicyABCs Team


We give you the facts so you can find the truth …


PolicyABCs offers you a gateway to finding and sharing important, accurate and timely information.   Being better informed should make it easier and faster for you to stay up to date on particular issues that impact your life and the life choices of people you care about.  Whether it’s your country, your community, your family, or simply your own personal and private needs, Policyabcs.Org is a resource on data, information and knowledge that will help you make decisions in important areas of your life.

Currently, PolicyABCs includes the following areas you can explore for information that may be useful to you as you address issues that touch on the following:


I. Quality of Life and Community

As you seek to promote your own interests and those of the people, organizations and communities you care about, we pledge to be a place where you can obtain an important contribution to the overall information you need.  If we can be that part, by providing a useful and trustworthy venue for you to stop and get what you need, then we will have succeeded in promoting rational conversation and a better understanding of the best possible conception of the idea community and the ideal public interest.  Because the world is constantly changing, we must constantly change our ability to get quality and timely information to understand it.  Again, welcome to Policyabcs and the various information sharing projects which we support. Our current projects include a webpage (Quality of Life and Community) and a public interest blog (The PolicyThinkShop).  You will find links to both those venues here at PolicyABCs.  As we grow and you continue to support and value us and your experience here, we should be able to better respond to your information needs in these areas and perhaps more. Our Quality of Life and Community project seeks to seeks to better inform you so that you can better understand and participate in the Leadership, Politics and Institutions that impact your family, community, job or Laws and the Regulations that affect choices you make in your daily living.

Current Quality of Life and Community hot topic areas are:


  • Politics
  • Institutions
  • Justice
  • Regulations


II. The PolicyThinkShop Blog

policythinkshopbanner-51 copy

Today, the connection between media, marketing and politics is often blurred.  For most people interested in improving their life, the wellbeing of their family and friends, and the quality of life in their community, it is often a challenge to keep up with issues the media places as important and urgent and to stay focused on many other important issues that may impact their immediate future yet are not understood or even all together ignored by the national and even local media.  But today we have choices.  The internet is becoming an important source of information for people who understand that it is wise to have an alternative to the mainstream media.  This is especially true when trying to understand public policy, the public interest and how these relate to your values, principles and needs.

Public Policy is social agreement written down as a universal guide for social action. We at The Policy ThinkShop share information so others can think and act in the best possible understanding of “The Public Interest.”

Current PolicyThinkShop hot topic areas are:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Resolving Differences Between People that Create Conflict

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